GETTING STARTED - Building your First server!


Getting up and running on server24 is designed to be fast and easy! Here is a simple step by step to getting your first server online! First of all, Log In to the server24 GUI and click on the Resource Pool you've just created. It should look something like this: Next, click the Green Create Server link, or the last tab on the right with the same label. You will see this easy wizard! In this form, complete the details: Server Hostname - this is the full 'address' for the server - normally something like OS / Distrobution / Template - here, you choose if you want Windows, BSD, Linux, and the exact 'starter' image you want for your server. If in doubt, click the live chat and ask ! Password - choose something secure, hard to guess, and not a word from the dictionary. This will be your Root / Administrator password once the server is online. RAM, CPU, etc - use the sliders, or type values into the boxes to allocate the resources this server needs from your resource pool. SWAP - should be a max of 1GB. Enable AutoBackup - lets you toggle on the Automated Snapshot feature by default. Then click Create new Server and the platform should confirm: Once [PENDING] completes, you can click on the server hostname and review your settings, as well as accessing the server Console and other tools. You should be able to now access the machine using the IP Address using SSH or Remote Desktop depending on the OS choice.

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