How do I set up Monitoring and Alerting?


We provide the option of both a free monitoring and email alerting service for your site, or a paid option where not only will we monitor your site 24/7 but we will investigate and reboot your server if an alert is raised, 24/7. Simple peace of mind. Monitoring and Response includes the following: server24 staff react to all alerts and resolve 24/7 Global Cloud Monitoring tool for your sites and servers Add Up to 5 Hosts Per Account Detailed Graphical Uptime Graphs Measures uptime, responsiveness and response times Broken down by month/week/day/hour 60 seconds Polls HTTP checks with down and slow response alerts Monitoring & Alerting - FREE version includes the following features: Global Cloud Monitoring Add Up to 25 Hostnames Per Account Receive Alerts by Email Detailed Graphical Uptime Graphs HTTP checks with down and slow response alerts 5 Minute Polling Frequency Should you wish to go ahead you can sign up anytime through your control panel or directly at

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